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Item # 10305

10 1/4" View of Liverpool Staffordshire plate. Enoch Wood's Shell Border Series. Ship in the harbor flies the American Flag. Very Nice. $695








9" The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on the Incline. Enoch Wood's Shell Border. Very nice. $675








10" Lafayette at Washington's Tomb. By Enoch Wood. $675








Item #11091

9 1/2" Blue Spatterware Plate. "Peafowl".  Mint.  $450








Item #11097

10" Cadmus with Lafayette. Enoch Wood.  Mint.  $650








Item #11056

8 3/4" Red and Blue Spatter Plate. "Tulip". Mint.  $385







Item #11042

9 3/4" Soup Plate. Arms of New York.  Very nice.  $575








Item #10920

10" Plate. Harvard College. Brown transfer. By Enoch Wood.  $225







Item #11092

8 1/2" Spatterware Plate. "Wigwam". Rich purple. Perfect.  $350







Item# 11080

"Wigwam" Spatterware Plate. Deep, rich red color. Perfect. SOLD









5 1/4" Toddy Plate. Red Spatter with Peafowl.  $325








Item# 11076

9 1/4" Rainbow Spatter Plate. Impressed Adams. Red, blue and green spatter. Perfect.  SOLD






Item #10977

10 1/4" Soup Plate. Columbian Star. Log Cabin. Campaigne of Wm. Henry Harrison. Brown transfer. By Ridgway. Mint. $275







MacDonnough's Victory

Item #10974

10 1/4" Plate. MacDonnough's Victory by Enoch Wood. Nice.  $695







Trenton Falls Plate

Item #10310

7 3/4" Plate. View of Trenton Falls. Enoch Wood's Shell Border. Very nice. $450







Trenton Falls Plate

Item #8726

7 1/4" Plate. View of Trenton Falls. Enoch Wood. Brown. Nice. SOLD







Item #11034

8 1/4" Plate. Dartmouth. Enoch Wood's Shell Border. Very nice.  $495







Item# 10027

7 3/4" Plate. West Point, Hudson River. Black transfer. By Clews.

Very nice. SOLD







Item # 10898

10 1/2" Cadmus. Enoch Wood's Shell Border with grotto framing ship offshore flying American flag. A true beauty.  SOLD




Item # 10227

9" Hunters. Two hunters with three dogs fox hunting. Two birds in the border. Mint $325







Item #11038

5 3/4" Arms of South Carolina. Dark blue. Mayer. Very nice. $850







Item # 10123

10 1/4" Table Rock Niagara. By Enoch Wood in the Shell Border Series. Deep dark blue. Very nice.  $595







Item #10404

10 1/4" Four-color plate. A man fishing with a castle in the background. The border is flowers and butterflies. Mint.  $245







Item # 9847

10" Harvard College. Potter is Stevenson in the Acorn & Oakleaf Border Series. Halls in the view are Harvard, Hollis, Stoughton and Holworthy. Very nice. SOLD






Item #10914

6" Church in the City of New York. Joseph Stubb's Spread Eagle Border. One very minor utensil mark mentioned only for the record. Very nice. SOLD







10 1/2" Pittsfield, Mass. The potter is Clews. Very nice.  $495







Item #10337

10 1/4" Soup Plate. Picturesque Views Series. Fishkill, Hudson River, NY.

Very nice.  $225









10 1/4" Mitchell & Freeman's China and Glass Warehouse. By William Adams. The building, now gone, was close by the waterfront. A rare view. Professionally repaired with very pleasing results.  $695






Item #10249

10" Landing of Lafayette at Castle Garden , New York, August 16, 1824. Very nice.  $475








9 1/2" Plate. Rainbow and Bullseye Spatterware plate. Alternating bars of red and green. Concentric circles of red and green. The colors are quite brilliant, but do not show up well in the photo. Faint line on rim of plate. 







Item #10991

9 1/4" Soup Plate. City of Albany, State of New York. View of the city on the Hudson River, steamboat with cows in foreground. Shell Border. Potter was Enoch Wood. Rich dark blue, crisp transfer. Very nice.  SOLD







Item #10992

Pine Orchard House, Catskill Mountains. 10" Plate. Enoch Wood's Shell Border. We thought this was perfect, but now find a small professional repair to the rim. Try to find it.  $575






Item #10994

8 1/2" Plate with strong red spatter border. Peafowl has red topknot, blue neck, green body and red tail feathers. Stands on green ground. Very nice.  SOLD







10 1/4" Plate. City Hall, New York. Rich brown transfer. By Jackson.

Very nice.  $225







Item # 10993

9 1/2" Plate with Peafowl on all-over red spatter. Bird has green topknot, blue neck, mustard body and green tail feathers, standing on branch. Appears perfect, but we find a short, tight line on back rim.  $195

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